Single Stream Recycling Now in Effect

Recycling is now easier than ever!  Single Stream Recycling includes: cardboard, magazines, news and other paper, plastic, steel (tin), aluminum, and glass containers all placed in ONE recycling container.  Please DO NOT place your recyclables inside plastic bags.  This slows down the processing and gets stuck in the recycling machinery.

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Trash & Recycling Information

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(609) 390-2127

Trash and Residential Recycling is collected every Wednesday.

Be sure your items are curbside by 7 am


Residential Organic Waste Curbside Pickup

Provided by WCM Public Works
~proudly serving our community~

This new program offers curb side pick up of Organic Waste
For West Cape May residents.

WHAT: Organic waste - Such as Grass, Leaves, Plant Materials
and branches/sticks smaller than your Pinky (1/2 inch)
Larger branches may be brought
to the borough recycling center during regular business hours.

WHEN: Every Tuesday

HOW: Waste must be in PAPER biodegradable bags
and be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m.
(Sample complimentary bag available
@ Borough Hall while supplies last.
Additional bags available at local hardware stores)

LIMITS: Bags cannot exceed 40 lbs
and cannot contain invasive species such as bamboo or phragmites.
No soil or concrete allowed in the bags.
Plastic bags prohibited.
No commercial landscaping waste is allowed.

QUESTIONS: Contact Borough Hall at 609 884-1005


Borough wide BULK Trash pickup
Collected the THIRD WEDNESDAY of May and OCTOBER

Includes: Furniture, mattresses, boards, tied tree limbs
and pieces of wood, not more than 5 feet in length,
not more than 50 pound.

NOT Included: Tree stumps, cast iron, metal pipes, demolition,
construction material, cars or car parts, TV sets, computers,
white items (refrigerators, sinks, etc.)

The recycling facility located at Borough Hall is open Monday - Friday between 7:00AM and 2:45PM

A Landscape Waste Receptacle is available behind Borough Hall.

The Public Works Department picks up Business glass, cans & plastics every MONDAY. We do not collect Business paper or cardboard. .
Please do not discard bags or cans in this container.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - Trash and Recycle pickup will proceed every Wednesday except on the following holidays: New Years Day and Christmas Day, in which pickup will be on the following business day.

Please note:

  • All recyclables must be curbside by 7:00AM.*
  • All glass recyclables must be in a 20 gallon container or less.*
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down.*
  • Loose paper must be in a paper bag.*

Holiday Trees are collected at curbside every Monday in January with the exception of Martin Luther King Day, when the trees will be collected on Tuesday.


How Do I Dispose of..... 

July 2018 - The Cape May County MUA recently established a program to provide disposal and recycling information for items which are not picked up as weekly household or recycle trash, such as carpet, electronics and appliances. Please visit and click on the "How Do I Dispose of..." link for prompts on how to dispose of specific items. Coming Soon: a CMCMUA Mobile Application!

Have kids that want to learn and have fun with waste sorting? Have them check out the "Waste Sorting Game" on the above website.